Deep-groove ball bearing ring
  Radial joint bearing ring
  Automotive wheel hub bearing ring
  Cylindrical roller bearing ring
  Tapered roller bearing ring
  Angular contact ball bearing ring
  Automobile clutch bearing ring

          It strictly chooses the bearing steel and puts them in storage.It adopts the intetmediate frequency
     --fire heating forging.The intermediate frequency furmace carries out the micro-computer control.
          Annealing from the continuous spheroidized annealed oven The full productive process implement the
     furnace number tracking.
Tool and mould machining equipments
Medium frequency heat forging flow-line
Heat treatment equipments
    [Technological flow]

        ForgingBearingsteel ——Heating from the intermediate frequency electric stove——Cropping
     ——Forging flow-line——Ferrule——Spheroidied annealing
Tool and mould machining equipments
Quick spheroidized annealing furnace
Wire-cutting machine tool


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